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Editions (in alphabetical order) Live Version Last Release Date
Mid-Hudson Library System1.5.12008-08-14
Middle East Technical University1.5.41969-12-31
Middle Tennessee State University Edition1.5.52010-08-23
Middlebury College Edition1.5.202011-11-22
Milton Keynes Marathi Mandal Library Edition1.5.12008-09-26
Mina Rees Library CUNY Graduate Center1.5.191969-12-31
Minnesota State University, Mankato Edition1.5.82011-11-09
Minuteman Network Edition1.2.1
Mississippi State University Edition1.5.262011-07-07
Missouri State University Edition1.2.1
MIT Libraries Edition1.5.351969-12-31
MMA Edition
mobeirne Virginia Tech Edition1.5.1
Molloy College Edition1.5.101969-12-31
Monash University Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Monash University Library Edition1.5.32011-07-04
Montana Shared Catalog Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Montana State University Bozeman1.5.92010-08-18
Montello Public Library Edition1.5.92011-11-11
Montgomery College Edition1.5.32011-11-11
Montgomery County Community College Edition1.5.22008-07-08
Moose Jaw Public Library Edition1.5.41969-12-31
Moravian Library edition1.5.101969-12-31
Morehead State University Edition1.5.22011-06-30
Morrisville College Edition1.12006-04-20
Mount Aloysius Edition1.5.12010-11-10
Mountain Library Network Edition1.5.62014-05-15
MSFRIC Edition1.5.22009-01-14
MST First1.5.92010-11-17
MSVU Edition1.5.42010-05-31
Mt. Hood Community College Edition1.5.12010-01-13
Multibase Nacional (México) Edition1.5.1
Multnomah County Library Edition1.2.22008-05-13
Murdoch University Library 1.5.231969-12-31
Murdoch University Mandurah Campus1.5.141969-12-31
Murphy Library Edition1.5.341969-12-31
Nashua Public Library Edition1.2.42007-11-17
National Research Council Canada - Français1.5.91969-12-31
National Research Council Canada - Staff Edition1.5.211969-12-31
National University of Singapore (NUS) Edition1.5.301969-12-31
Naval Research Laboratory LINX Edition1.1
NCSU Libraries Edition1.5.191969-12-31
NDSL - Reference1.5.522016-07-13
Nebraska Methodist College1.5.11969-12-31
Nebraska Wesleyan University Edition1.5.12009-03-30
Neenah Public Library Edition1.5.102011-11-11
NEHGS Edition1.5.102011-11-11
NEIU Library LibX Tools1.5.191969-12-31
Neshkoro Public Library Edition1.5.92011-11-11
Nevada State College Edition1.5.21969-12-31
New York Public Library1.5.191969-12-31
New York State Library Edition1.5.22008-06-14
NIE Library LibX Edition1.5.61969-12-31
NIH Library Edition1.5.12011-06-28
NIH Library OS Edition1.5.62011-08-17
NLNZ OPAC1.5.52011-11-11
NMIT Edition1.5.62011-07-05
NOAA Library and Information Network Catalog (NOAALINC)1.5.42011-03-30
NOAA Seattle LibX Edition1.5.32010-04-05
North Dakota State Library1.5.242011-11-14
North Fond du Lac Public Library Edition1.5.102011-11-11
North of Boston Library Exchange Edition1.1
North Park University Edition1.5.72011-11-11
Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Northeastern University Primo Edition, Boston MA USA1.5.201969-12-31
Northern Kentucky University Edition1.5.52011-09-12
Northwest Mississippi Community College Edition1.5.22009-05-01
Northwestern University Center for Atom-Probe Tomography Edition1.5.92011-07-07
Northwestern University Library Edition1.1
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Edition1.5.31969-12-31
notre dame Bressuire Edition1.5.11969-12-31
Nova Southeastern University (NSU) HPD Library Edition1.5.12010-03-16
NRCan Library (Earth Sciences) Edition1.5.22009-08-20
NSU Law Library Edition1.2.12008-07-25
NTU Library Edition LibX - A Library 2.0Toolbar1.5.62009-04-28
NTU Library Toolbar using Libx1.5.251969-12-31
NU Galter LIBX Edition1.5.182012-03-06
NUIGalway Ezproxy1.5.121969-12-31
NYS Coll. of Ceramics at Alfred University Edition1.5.332011-06-30
NYU Bobst Library1.5.482012-02-16
NYU-Poly Edition1.5.62011-06-30
Oak Park Public Library Edition1.2.12008-04-24
Oakfield Public Library Edition1.5.102011-11-11
OC Public Libraries Edition1.5.1
OCAD Edition1.5.71969-12-31
Occidental College Edition1.5.101969-12-31
Odo Bib Edition1.5.1
Odo Bibli Edition1.5.1
of North Carolina Wilmington Edition1.5.11969-12-31
of the Holy Cross Edition1.2.12008-04-29
Ohio State University Libraries Edition1.5.52011-11-12
Ohio State University Libraries Edition1.5.52011-06-30
OhioLINK Edition1.5.1
Okanagan Regional Library Edition LibX Toolbar1.5.52011-12-29
Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC)1.5.22011-03-30
Oklahoma State University Edition1.2.1
Old Colony Library Network1.5.92009-06-08
Old Dominion University Edition1.5.12010-01-22

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